Providing the basics of Learning & Examination Management System.

Blackboard Education and Research Foundation is an educational organisation inclusive of vocational training in accounts and finance, skill development, career consultancy and distance learning courses by successfully creating a network of 75+ training centres.

eCampus merging with an organisation which is already highly experienced and is a well-managed group of professionals gave BERF many brownie points. Since it was established in the education sector in 1996, all the online systems became primitive every new day. So, they were desiring an online dashboard where all the students can learn and give examinations anytime and anywhere through a single login ID and password. So, we came into the picture and joined our forces together to become successful together.

Challenges Faced

Our Solution

Though the institution built so many networks to provide distance learning courses, yet they weren’t able to put it on an online portal for giving a safe and detailed tour to their students looking for distance courses.
eCampus provided BERF with an upgraded LMS software for the students to learn anytime and anywhere.
They always wanted to be a bit different from all the universities offering blackboard education. However, providing vocational training in accounts and finance was suffering from the dearth of good faculty that could give vocational training rather than reading theories.
We also gave them a new Examination Management System (EMS) which has different types of ways to make exams a fun affair for all the students in the form of quizzes, MCQs, fill in the blanks, match the columns, etcetera. All the mini tests came with an instant progress report for the students to analyse their various fields that need sure shot working.
Examinations were another challenge that needed a software upgrade so that the students don’t have to come all the way from remote countries, cities and states to sit for the exams.
Students are able to login remotely through different cities, countries and states to their cloud-based accounts for attending online classes and accessing the notes.
Analysis of a student’s progress by the teachers and the students themselves weren’t possible unless a teacher sits and calculates their marks/ progress manually.
We gave them an upgraded LMS with non-downloadable study material, better access systems and availability for the students to study anytime and anywhere.
All the phenomenal integration turned out to be a boost for both eCampus and BERF. Learning, distance education and vocational training became the best services of BERF for the students.


  • 4 years of success and technology together with BERF.
  • Started with winning the trust of 1500+ students and converted it to a total of more than 5000 students are using eCampus and BERF for their smooth, efficient and effective studies.

Success of the venture:

  • We have been conducting examinations through our EMS through secure and safe portals for 4 complete years.
  • The main reason why this project became successful was because of all the support and assistance from the Management Authority of BERF.

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