What are the changes that will impact online learning and teaching in the future?

Technology has completely changed the way of teaching and learning in today’s world. The rise of technology has reshaped the world of education and made attending classes a thing of the past. A lot of changes have been implemented and a lot of them are going to be implemented in the coming years, but what will be the impact of these changes?

Here are key changes that are likely to occur:

  • Better teamwork, communication, and collaboration

The online learning process is a great alternative for traditional classrooms and beneficial in many ways. From a teacher’s perspective, they don’t have to stand for long hours in front of a large group of students to teach. Instead, they can teach from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they want with the use of technology. Even students don’t need to travel much from one place to another to attend classes. They can learn according to their convenience, in their comfort zone.

  • No restrictions of locations

Both students and teachers don’t have to worry about their location when it comes to online learning and teaching. Anywhere, anytime learning and teaching is truly possible through online learning platforms. With the touch of their fingertips, students can expand their knowledge from anywhere in India or outside. Teachers can accordingly evaluate the growth of their students from time to time simply through their screens. 

  • Specific learning approach for students

As per experts, the old method – ‘one model of teaching and learning fits all’ is not a good approach and is outdated. Today’s learning system needs to let the students find the right field of education of their choice and continue the education further in the same field. Regardless of their abilities and skills, students are taught to study like everyone. The same should not be done with the students who are yet to pursue education in their field of choice. Teachers need to have individualized learning plans for students to help them reach their utmost limits.

  • Tests should help students in their future

The majority of students focus on learning for acing in exams, but as per experts, the key goal should be learning that can help students in their future and not only in exams. The words, which you might have heard before – “results don’t define you” should be the ultimate truth for students of the future. Experts believe “Grading is a waste of time if its purpose is solely to point out who is at the top and who is at the bottom. Assessments in the future will be evidence-based, using measures that allow learning plans to be drawn up and personalized.”


Learning has already moved from classrooms to screens and the future of learning relies on screens undoubtedly. One of the major changes that are required in the current education system is the role of the teacher. The teacher should adapt and grow as per the students and help them get ahead in life, according to experts. Empowering students to take risks in life and conquer, be innovative, and seize any opportunity that comes in their way must be taught to all students.   



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