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Introduction to Learning Management System in JNU, Jaipur

Jaipur National University is a self-financed university which took birth on 22nd October 2007. The university established itself a place where all kinds of Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees are available in a variety of streams. It has also pioneered in its field and has set a benchmark in every sphere of learning.

After setting a benchmark in the field of learning and harbouring 7000+ students, the university was feeling the absence of a system where students can learn anytime and anywhere. This is where eCampus pitched in and came together with JNU 2 years ago.

Challenges faced

Our solution

Educational material was only available in and around the Pink City due to which only the students of JNU could get the access to it after purchasing it in hard copies.
All the study material distributed during the start of the session is uploaded online on a cloud-based system which can be accessed through login ids.
The lectures given by the teachers are now recorded in the form of videos for the students to listen to it anytime and anywhere.
Teachers have now started attending to queries through an online chatroom where they are available during a given time after the class so that no doubts go unanswered.
The lectures conducted by the teachers/ faculty had to be written by the students while listening to it. So, the students who missed attending the class, missed the whole concept.
Extra study material to understand the subject better is uploaded by the teachers on individual accounts of the students so that only the students asking for it can read or skim through it. Students don’t have to look for it in the markets as hardcopies or on online portals.
KThe records of the students’ progress are better maintained online which can be assessed by students and teachers simultaneously as well as individually to keep a tab of their growth/ progress in each subject before the examinations.
Examinations were also getting tougher day by day because there were students who needed extra assistance and guidance from the teachers. Teachers were only available during the school hours and were sometimes absent a day before the exam. This made it really difficult for the students to cope up with a particular subject.
Students are able to login remotely through different cities, countries and states to their cloud-based accounts for attending online classes and accessing the notes.
This increased the overall dedication of the institute towards other growth programmes for the students, better courses, course details, better faculties and the best learning system.


  • More 1500+ students from different cities, countries and states signed in with eCampus for JNU after the integration process
  • We provided JNU with an add on services/ features in the software that makes it look presentable a la the educational institute.

Success of the venture:

  • The new LMS is loved and used by every single member of the university which makes us love what we do for these educational institutes.
  • We both complete each other in terms of planning, execution and technology. If one of them doesn’t have it, the other works for it.

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