Bidding adieu to data hassles!

Birth of online data management systems in ITM, Dehradun

Institute of Technology & Management is the first institution in Uttarakhand which provides IT education since 2002. Back in those times, even the state’s education think tanks had not droned their mantel for the IT sector.

The institute is expected to have a strong IT system for maintaining their and their students’ database. This was the only thing they were looking out for when eCampus joined hands with them for a complete online educational structure. A layout and model like this would help the students living in other states or countries access their courses and facilities through eCampus.

Challenges Faced

Our Solution

All the data management systems were maintained manually by different departments which became a mess as they were hampering daily work. Neither were they able to access the files anytime and anywhere, nor were they able to handle any queries for expansion of their institution.
Live streaming of lectures by the students
Sending out important announcements to students with necessary attachments
Student promotions and progress report of each subject
Conducting online examinations
Coping up with the submission of assignments
The attendance marking was done through attendance registers in a primitive style. This made it difficult to find the absent and present days of students of the past years. Time taken for these small scale jobs was very high which made dedication and focus a tough task.
Online attendance marking softwares/ modules
Keeping a track of the attendance of each student
Receiving fees from students, grants, royalty, transport and other facilities were not getting accounted on an hourly/ daily basis due to which taxes, GST, arrears, salaries, outstanding payments got delayed and some weren’t even accounted.
Managing the accounts of the college through online cloud-based and secured models
When softwares by eCampus got integrated with ITM, all of the above features got shifted from paperwork to computer work making it more effective and efficient for the teachers, principal, board of directors, other important departments and students.


  • Won the trust of 2000+ students from different states and countries.
  • 1200 students are now able to access 30 different facilities provided through eCampus.
  • Efficient and effective management of data in the defined working hours by the staff members of the college.

Reasons behind success:

  • ITM placed all their trust in us and were satisfied by the end of all the system integration.
  • The modules given by eCampus is totally customisable and adaptive with each and every type of educational institute.
  • The student base and the faculty of the institute is supportive enough to adapt to the new online management system.

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