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Introduction to LMS software in the educational system of School of Distance Learning - Jagannath University

Established in the year 2008, this university has vested the power of providing degrees, diplomas and certificates in various streams. It aims at making higher education and trained manpower accessible to potential students.

In order to accelerate the sustained economic growth in a highly competitive global environment, they wanted to endow its faculty and students with modern technology, facilities and resources to be able to contribute for their overall growth. Hence, they joined hands with eCampus to take their softwares and technology up a notch. We have incorporated some friendly softwares to cope up with their online learning quotient and improvised record keeping technique.

Challenges faced

Our solution

According to SDLJU, classroom teaching cannot be replaced by online classrooms. Due to the absence of online teaching, students miss their lectures and important topics often. This creates a big problem for them during their exams.
After incorporating LMS in their classes and lectures, they can’t get over it! The students are able to get access to the lectures remotely as per their convenience. Not just this, they can watch the recorded lectures if they have missed any over and over again for better clarity.
Displaying results on the board for all the students to come and see is an old-fashioned technique. They could not catch up with the dates that were announced in the classes or the ones who came to see could not stand in long queues. All these methods are exhausting and draining for the students and the teachers as well.
It’s the digital era! No university wants to follow the old-fashioned norms of displaying results on the board. To avoid this, eCampus provided them with a beautiful solution of giving all the students a login ID and password through which they can enter their university’s website and access their results by entering their respective roll numbers. This can also be accessed on Android or iPhones which made it even easier.
The assignments were only given in the classes during the lectures. Students who were absent from the class couldn’t get those assignments due to which they lacked the extra inputs from the teachers’ end.
Now all the important and extra assignments are uploaded by the teachers on the cloud servers of the LMS software which can be accessed by the students anytime and anywhere.
Announcements were either done in the classes or were put on the board. Some students missed important information due to this reason which made them miss many seminars, important gatherings and submission dates. At the end of the day, it comes out to be the respective students’ fault for not paying much attention.
Online bulletins are now a thing at Jagan Nath University! Students get notifications for all the important announcements or notices to participate in any of the seminars, webinars, etcetera.


  • The university and the students love using the software and are very happy to be a part of eCampus and SDLJU together!
  • 1We have also welcomed more than 500+ new students through online admission processes and eligibility criterias.
  • It has been one and a half year and we are looking for more to come!

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