Technological advancement is a thing!

When LMS and EMS come together in the system of Lingayas’s University, Haryana.

The university has excelled in imparting knowledge and developing a comfortable on-campus experience for the students. It provides skills in the field of Engineering/ Technology, Management, Science, Arts and related areas. The university’s activities and course curriculum concentrates on design, self-learning and research which are the unique features. With such a strong foundation and focussed learning facilities, Lingya’s need increased for a more automated and technological process. That’s how eCampus came into the picture and established itself with the university.

Challenges faced

Our solution

Lingya’s university is a propagator of Distance learning which can only happen with a strong remote connection and softwares which can help the students to learn anytime and anywhere. So, this took a backstep due to the traditional online softwares, unsecure portals and no concrete procedures.
eCampus introduced the basics of the Learning Management System and installed it in their systems making it easier for the students to pursue distance learning from different states, countries and cities.
As more students started to take admission in the university, the manual systems became exhaustive for the students and the teachers to cope up with.
All the manual work was organised and shifted to the online softwares like, sheets, docs and other online portals which can be accessed through phones, laptops and computers. This made everything very easy for the teachers to record and write as all of it is just a click away.
Attendance, examinations and study materials were all happening through paperwork which needed some technological interference for better execution.
Examination Management System was also installed which provides the access to take online exams and get the results digitally with proper analysis of their discrepancies and areas which need more attention.
Results, account management and announcements weren’t organised enough to be taken online.
A whole new system of announcements and student’s profiling came into existence making it easier for students to get access to study material anytime and anywhere in this world.


  • It led to improved coordination between the students, teachers, administration and management.
  • All the faculty loves using the software and are now much relieved than before.
  • There has been an addition of around 500 more students in the university after the better distance learning opportunities coming into the picture.

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