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Examinations are the most important part of the Learning Management System. It brings out the best in students and makes them analyse their own progress in different fields. Although, it’s a frightening episode of every student's life.

What is the Online Exam System?

Online Examination System is a simplify way for examination activities like defining exam patterns with question banks, defining exam timer, objective/ subjective question sections, conducting exams using the computer or mobile devices in a paperless manner.

What is the role and importance of the Online Exam System?

The purpose of the online examination system is to test the subject knowledge of the students. Such a system eliminates logistical hassles and drawbacks in the traditional mode of the pen-and-paper examination. Students don't have to assemble in the classroom to give the exam. They can do it within a given time frame from their own device. You don't have to rent a classroom.

What are the benefits of the Online Exam System?

-It saves paper. You never have to print an exam for your students and hand them out.

-It saves time. You can set up an exam in such a way that it will auto-grade itself.

-It saves more time.

-It saves you money.

-It saves the student money.

-It's more secure.

What are the features of the Online Exam System?

-Automation of planning and schedule

-Assessment Pattern creation

-Efficiency to create a question bank

-High-level proctoring

-Interactive Dashboard

-Active Notifications

Why the eCampus Online Exam System?

e-Campus Online Exam system has:

Exam Monitoring Panel:

Professors can have an eagle eye on students during exams whether the students are giving exams by themselves or not and can give them warning during exam with lms feature of warning.

Mock Test:

Mock tests conduction for student to check the knowledge they gained during their course

Online Exam Mode:

Students give exam in online mode without wondering and getting worried about their centres

Result Declaration:

Admin or Higher Authority can see instant results of students from their panel.

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