Admin / Super Admin

Admin/ Super Admin operates an administrative and managerial level. The access to the admin or super admin dashboard helps in handling and supervising all the gateways related to accounts, students and professors.

Admin Dashboard
Student Management
Timetable Management

A student’s dashboard has access to attend live classes, a detailed analysis of the subjects, attendance records, time table for the particular day, LMS, examinations, announcement boards and fee payment gateways.

Student Dashboard
Fee Section

A professor’s dashboard is all that a teacher needs to handle a class and the subject she/ he teaches. It helps them to give online lectures, keep a tab of attendance, the timetable of the day, online study material, attending queries and a lot more.

Professor Dashboard
Video Uploading
Attendance Management
University Management System

Today, with an increasing number of students each year, managing everything manually has become quite hectic for the universities. Luckily, technology has extended its hands to curb this problem with ease. The option of a University Management System or UMS has stood out to be a great solution in such a situation. This has let many universities to make this system an integral part of their management.

Today, almost every university is fetching the benefits of a UMS to make things convenient and keep things on track always. It is not only a great help for the universities but also for the students. Thus, the system has turned out to be in favor of both parties.

What is a University Management System?

University Management System is a cloud-based system that most of the universities are using today to make administration work simpler. It has modules for different administration-related activities of the university so that everything can be managed digitally. It also comprises the lifecycle of each student in the university.

This helps the university in keeping track of each student. Also, the students can know about their payment due, and other entities so that they do not have to contact the university each time for different queries.

Features that make University Management System A Great Thought

As mentioned earlier, most of the universities are adopting the university management system so that they can keep track of the activities and manage them better.

Here are some of the important features of the University Management System that makes it special and highly useful for the users.


For a regular university or college, attendance is not just only for the students but also for the teachers. While the attendance of the students affects whether they will sit for the exams or not, the attendance of the faculties has an impact on their salaries.

The system keeps track of both the categories for ease of management. For online learning methods, this can be different depending upon the system that they work in.

The University Calendar:

The academic calendar of the university is crucial as it has different activities for the whole year. The admission sessions, the exams, the results, vacations, and every other activity are mentioned on the calendar. Though several activities are fixed every year, there are a few that may have flexible dates.

The students do not have to get worried about how to know about these event dates when the university has a University Management System.

Payments and Finances:

This again works for both the students as well as for the faculties. The students can manage their fees and other payment options here comfortably. The faculties can also check their payment status and other important financial options here. The management can keep a track of the payments received, or dues, and other financial activities. Handling financial activities at times can get tiring as a small mistake can cost a lot. The system helps in keeping a perfect track of everything so that you do not have to get worried.

Student Zone:

Usually, the system is properly segregated into three different zones and that is one for the management, one for the students, and the one for the faculties. In the Student zone, the students can have their individual profiles. Here, they can enroll in different courses, check their academic growth, fee status, and others. They can also upload assignments or projects online so that they do not have to travel to the university. For online learning, this section is of great help as it helps students with online class timings, important dates, and other details. Apart from the live sessions, there are several recorded classes that the students can go through. Also, the students can access their modules for online studying.

Faculties Zones:

Similar to the student’s zone, the faculties also have their individual profiles for management. They can know the timing of their classes, the courses that they need to teach, and so on. There are also options for uploading class videos for the students, managing attendance, and others. For online classes, the faculty may have the option of connecting several students and take the class.

Other Features for the Management:

For management, there are many more features available apart from just managing the courses, time table, students, or the faculties. The system can also help in managing inventories, online libraries, warehouses, and many other options as per the requirement of the university.

Benefits of Using University Management System

University Management System offers a complete solution to the universities that benefit them as well as the students and the faculties in a huge way.

Ease in Operation:

The most important thing is the ease of operations. Whether it is for the management that wishes to keep a track of the students enrolling up, or for students who wish to study online, everything gets so much easy with the University Management System.

Better Communication:

The system ensures better and clear communication between every entity in the university. Everything is transparent so that there is no confusion in any detailing.

Keeping Data Safe:

When everything is in digital form, you can be sure that the data that you have is safe. The management can access their data of their ex-students or any other data anytime they wish to. Also, this encourages them to collect more data in the future.

Better Pricing:

More universities are getting the University Management System now because it comes in incredible pricing. It depends upon the number of students that the university has. It ranges between $0.99 to $22.00 per student per month depending upon the modules and the courses that the student has taken. So, having a proper comparison of the features and elements required can offer a decent charge for the system per year.

The University Management System has become a necessity in today’s digital world. As the number of students is growing both in offline as well as online education, the system can be quite helpful in managing every aspect quite efficiently.

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