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Acquire leads via connectors in CRM and get them auto-updated in LMS after admission to kickstart their onboarding.


Automated Application Flow


Manage Curriculum Delivery , Study Material and Attendance

Upload all study material such as e-books, audios, videos and track curriculum progress via the LMS dashboard.


University Management


Digitize time-taking processes to reduce Confusion and Chaos

Digitised and Centralised Admissions, Exams and Fee/Salary Processing means Enhanced Accuracy and Fast Facilitation.

Examination System

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University Management System

The Admin/Super Admin dashboard unfurls the possibility of one-stop administrative and managerial task completion.The dashboard acts like a control room that not just helps in handling but also in supervising the multifarious gateways to accounts, students and professors.

  • Announcement/Notices
  • Scheme management
  • Pre and Post admission
  • Student Registration
  • User roles and permission management
  • Department & Courses Management
  • Subject with specialization
  • Fee management with discount

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Meet our highly dynamic, passionate & experienced advisory team.

Sanchit Jain

Co-Founder at iVyoma Solutions

Bengaluru, India

Passionate about applying cutting edge technology to the real world problems. From starting a bootstrapped company and growing it into a 300 people profitable firm, Sanchit's company now has a footprint across the globe with over 75 enterprise clients in the logistics and retail sector. Stewarding the growth and upgrading the quality of technology services, leading innovation management, market development, strategic planning of business operations are a few of the skills that he has imbibed in over two decade long enriched experience in the industry. He graduated from IIT - Roorkee in 1999.

Sherjil Ozair

Research Scientist at DeepMind

London, England, United Kingdom

Sherjil Ozair is a research scientist at DeepMind, where he works on artificial intelligence technologies such as reinforcement learning, generative modeling, and large-scale deep learning. He completed his PhD supervised by Yoshua Bengio, deep learning pioneer, and winner of the 2018 Turing Award. His papers have been cited over 40000 times. Among his technical accomplishments, he co-developed the deep learning technique known as generative adversarial networks, which has revolutionized generative modeling, and has been applied to many applications, including image synthesis, generative art, video game content, speech synthesis, and robotics. He graduated from IIT - Delhi in 2015.

Shiv Shanker Shukla

DGM at HT Digital Stream

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

11 + years of professional experience in Alliances, Business Coordination & Development Negotiation & Pricing Management Key Account Management Subscription partnership Brand awareness & Team Management Ad Sales (Online & Electronic)

Shamayla Jamshed

Ed-tech Specialist

New Delhi, India

A seasoned L&D professional with 15 years of international experience in India and the United Kingdom. Creating a global workforce for a leading international Ed Tech giant.

A speaker, coach and a mentor with 14 years of enriching experience in the United Kingdom and India, with MNCs like Wipro, HCL Great Britain and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mayank Gupta

CEO at Blackboard India (BERF)

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

A serial entrepreneur with 22 years of leadership experience in the education & services industry. A veteran in Master’s in Business Administration along with over two decades of experience in executing and consulting several educational projects in skills development and higher education. Excellent in establishing trust-based relations with individuals and organisations which has helped in expanding his business through a network of entrepreneurs. Presently, he works with 400+ channel partners promoting several educational products in skills development and distance learning.

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